Full Service High Performance Engine Shop

BTR provides a large array of automotive engine services and products. Steve Gerrard, master CNC machinist, regularly produces high quality custom work like this one piece steel billet engine block main girdle.

Custom Machine Work

BTR Performance is a full service high performance engine building service with the capability to provide all of your race engine needs.  Our in house 5 axis CNC machines, crank, block and head flow services rivals any other high performance engine service in the country.  You get hands on, individual attention by company owner Bill Trovato or his right hand man Steve Gerrard.  Combined, they have over 42 years of automotive high performance experience.


"In this book Iím sharing almost 30 years of accumulated Oldsmobile knowledge to help in your Oldsmobile performance endeavors. This journey began at age 16 when I rebuilt my first 455 Olds engine for a í70 Cutlass S.

As Iíve never believed in following the masses, I tend to do things a little Ďoutside the boxí and in this book Iíll explain why I do some of the things that I do and hopefully step you up a notch in the Oldsmobile performance world. Youíll find that some of my techniques are about as far from building a small block Chevy as you can get. I tend to go down the road less traveled Ė and I donít give advice that I think is good, I only give advice that Iíve physically proved to myself.

My goal in sharing this knowledge with Oldsmobile enthusiasts is that this book will result in faster ET slips at the racetrack and more Ďseat of the pantsí power on the street. Iím also here to save you from dropping your engine off at your local machine shop and having it built with conventional techniques that result in premature engine wear and ultimately engine failure - I completely remember my early days with Oldsmobile performance and the feeling of huger for this knowledge. Ultimately youíll save a bunch of money, but you have to understand from the start that High Performance Oldsmobiles are inherently more expensive to build than a Chevy or a Ford engine.

While almost every individual subject in this book could have a book written about it to cover every single detail Ė in this edition, Iíll share my 28 years of experience in power and longevity techniques that are unique to High Performance Oldsmobiles.

My working career started on my 16th birthday as a heliarc welder at a sheet metal fabrication shop. Next I worked at the Delco Products General Motors plant in Rochester, NY for 19 years and served 5 year apprenticeship as an Automation Mechanic. As a Journeyman Automation mechanic, I worked repairing, troubleshooting, and re-designing automated equipment."
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We offer anything from a typical rebuild of your high performance street car engine to a turn-key full race package designed to set you on track to record setting performance.  BTR also offers nitrous products and services uniquely designed to produce maximum performance. 

Engine Dyno Service

On Track Tuning Service

BTR also offers on-track tuning services that include nitrous set up advice, along with engine and chassis tuning recommendations. 
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